ITF Headquarters, Jos, Administrative Building.

Information & Communication Technology

The Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Department manages the information resources of the Fund through the use of ICT tools. The Department designs, installs and maintains a comprehensive Management Information System and also provides Instructional facilities and materials for enhanced training delivery  

The Department has 2 Divisions namely:
  • Information & Communication Technology Services (ICTS)
  • Instructional Technology Services (ITS)

  • The ICTS Division is responsible for the computerization of the Fund’s activities with a view to providing timely and accurate information to Fund’s Management and operational staff via the use of ICT tools.

    The Instructional Technology Services Division is responsible for:

  • designing and production of Instructional training materials and facilities for enhancing training packages.
  • Monitoring of training activities to ensure adherence to standards.
  • Developing a library of training aids for the Fund and its clients, including e-learning materials.

  • Identify areas of computerization in the Fund
  • Design & Develop Application Software for the Fund
  • Manage information resources of the ITF through the use of ICT
  • Design, Install & Maintain the Fund’s Computer Network Infrastructures (HQ, Area Offices & Training Centres)
  • Secure the Fund’s Network & Applications by providing up-to-date Antivirus & other utility Software
  • Implement & Manage the Fund’s Corporate Website and other Web-based Applications like: SIWES, G&R and STMS
  • Deploy, Repair & Maintain all Computer Equipment/Facilities
  • Conduct ICT related Training Programmes for both Staff and Clients
  • Identify the Fund’s requirement in terms of facilities, concepts and methods of instructional technology
  • Provide instructional training facilities and materials for enhancing quality of training packages and delivery
  • Create, design, develop and produce sundry hardware and software visuals and other instructional aids, required for training/instruction and for information purposes
  • Develop a library of training aids for the Fund and clients, including e-learning
  • Review periodically objectives, contents and formats of Fund’s workshops on instructional media inline with current trends in instructional technology
  • Identify on regular basis and report modern trends and techniques in instructional technology services delivery and advice Management on policy thrust and actions.
  • Review the Fund’s performance in instructional technology services and advice management
  • Install, modify, operate and maintain existing A-V equipment, as well as advise on purchase of new equipment, their utilization, interfacing/synchronizing and storage
  • Develop indigenous training films for both internal and external clients
  • Provide video and photographic coverage of the Fund and public functions/activities
  • Design back covers for Fund’s publications: calendars, year planners, billboards, banners and slogan for various occasions
  • Identify on regular basis and report modern trends and techniques in instructional technology services delivery and advice Management on policy thrust and actions
  • Design and create Industrial process animations and effects in two and three dimensions for training and general information purposes for the Fund
  • Set Standards in training and media presentation methodology: Power points techniques, In-planting of graphics illustrations
  • Conduct technical evaluation periodically and submit reports to management on the conditions of the Fund training facilities
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    Featured testimonial

     Top of the Day to you! We observed today that a new website for the ITF has recently been uploaded.We Commend the efforts of the ICT Dept for this amd hope that it can only keep getting better. 

    Kunle Sadare

    Puzzles Technologist Limited

     Your website is informative and attractive now. Kudos to the ICT Department. 

    Abdul Qadir Lawal.

    MD Triune Built-Tech Solutions

     The Package were well prepared,the Facilitators performed Excellently and i recommend that the training should be regular and more often for new Innovation. 

    Elizabeth O. Egu

    PCS Corporate Planning Department

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