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Business Training Development

The Department that is now known and called the Business Training Development (BTD) Department is as old as the Industrial Training Fund itself. It was one of the only two departments that existed at the inception of ITF in 1971, although our records did not show what name the department was called at that time. The second department was the Administration and Finance department. From a Parastatal B at its inception with just two-department organogram and headed by a Controller, the Fund grew to become a Parastatal A in January 1981. This development paved the way for the Fund’s oldest Training department to metamorphose into three Directorates, viz:

  • Training and Consultancy Department
  • Planning, Research and Technology Services Department
  • Vocational and Apprenticeship Department

  • The Training and Consultancy department was changed to Training and Development department, following a restructuring exercise in the ITF in 1988. The T & D department had four Divisions under it:
  • Direct Training Services
  • In-plant
  • Training Technology Services
  • Curriculum Development

  • The ITF was to witness yet another restructuring exercise in the year 2006 as part of a wider public service reform programme of the Federal Government. This exercise led to the merger and or realignment of departments and divisions in ITF. One of the structural implications of this reform for ITF was the change in nomenclature for some departments within the Fund. Our dear T & D department was not left out. It became known as Business Training Development department. It is remarkable that this great grandfather of all training departments in ITF (Business Training Development) has not shown signs of old age in all ramification of her existence. It is still the largest training department in terms of population and scope of activities.

    The BTD currently has three Divisions under it.
  • Consultancy Services
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Management and Leadership Development


  • Supervises and monitors the implementation of scheduled short- term training programmes
  • Conduct process and systems diagnosis in public and private organizations.
  • Prepares and submit bid proposals in both private and public sectors.
  • Develops and conduct productivity improvement invention for public and private sectors.
  • Evaluates impact of productivity improvement intervention programmes.
  • Conduct entrepreneurship training for capacity building.
  • Provides Business Development Service including business counseling, coaching and mentoring.
  • Facilitate business networking among MSMEs.
  • Implements short – term training programmes for management and leadership development as well as general Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
  • Building data bank for the fund’s training programmes implemented.
  • Designs and produces marketing tools for the fund’s training programmes ( training brochure, flyers , etc)
  • Evaluate short -term training programmes implement.
  • Set and monitors standards for development and implementation of unscheduled programmes
  • Colaborate with other agencies to provide capacity building for MSMEs
  • Develops and implements special interventions for entrepreneurial skills training
  • Undertakes any other function as may be assigned by the Director-General.
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     Your website is informative and attractive now. Kudos to the ICT Department. 

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     The Package were well prepared,the Facilitators performed Excellently and i recommend that the training should be regular and more often for new Innovation. 

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