ITF Headquaters, Jos, Administrative Building.


Industrial Training Funds is a body made up of different departments making it to function endlessly without any hitches. With the well and able Heads coupled with loyal Staff, a unique team has been built. 
The major departments of the ITF and their functions are as shown below:

The Director-General is responsible to the Chairman of the Governing Council of the ITF and the Minister of Industry. The Director-General formulates policies and provides corporate leadership and vision for the ITF. As Chief Executive, he presides over all Management deliberations of the ITF and directs all administration services. The Director-General formulates fiscal policies, controls and directs financial transactions of the ITF in his capacity as Chief Accounting Officer.

The Director-General plans and controls all HRD policies and programmes and directs both national and international interactions and interventions.

Offices and Units under Director-General's Office

Corporate Headquarters Abuja

Servicom and Anti-Corruption Unit

Estate Management Unit

Estate Management Unit

1. Facilitate Project Design and Preparation of Building Drawings and Site Layout.
2. Prepare Bills of Quantities for Project development and Renovation works.
3. Monitor and Evaluate progress of Fund’s Building Projects and Construction Works.
4. Coordinate the Fund’s Public Private Partnership (PPP) activities in conjunction with other arms of the Fund.
5. Supervise and Coordinate activities of Project Contractors and Consultants.
6. Carry out Maintenance and Repair works on all Fund’s Estates and Offices.
7. Maintain proper record of activities of the Division.
8. Prepare periodic report on the activities of the Division.


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Featured testimonial

 Top of the Day to you! We observed today that a new website for the ITF has recently been uploaded.We Commend the efforts of the ICT Dept for this amd hope that it can only keep getting better. 

Kunle Sadare

Puzzles Technologist Limited

 Your website is informative and attractive now. Kudos to the ICT Department. 

Abdul Qadir Lawal.

MD Triune Built-Tech Solutions

 The Package were well prepared,the Facilitators performed Excellently and i recommend that the training should be regular and more often for new Innovation. 

Elizabeth O. Egu

PCS Corporate Planning Department

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