General Training Needs Identification and Intervention

This area encompasses the following activities:

  1. Industry Training Need Identification
  2. Development & Implementation of Training Intervention address gaps identified during the Identification of
    Training Needs.
  3. Industry Based Research Activities.
  4. In-depth Diagnostic Studies of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.
  5. Productivity and Efficiency Improvement Training (PEIT).
  6. Safety Training Industry

Short - Term Training Services

Implementation of Short-term training programmes is one of the key Performance indices of the Fund as it
draws the Fund closer to its clients.
Activities in this area include:

  • Scheduled Training Programmes
  • Unscheduled Training Programmes
  • New Course Design and Development

Advisory Services and Quality Control

One of the main thrusts of the Fund is to set and regulate standards in companies' training activities in the
following areas:

  • Approving their training plans and programmes.
  • Grants and reimbursement services.

In-Company Apprentice Training

Here the aim is to ensure quality apprentice training services delivery as well as
ensuring that competent apprentices are graduated into the various sector of
the economy. The components of this area of activity include:

  • Appraisal of In-Company Apprenticeship Training.
  • Installation / Harmonization of In-company Apprenticeship Training
  • Monitoring of In-company Apprenticeship Training
  • Training and Re-training Instructors for effectiveness.

Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES)

This Scheme was designed to expose students to industrial work situation they are likely to meet after graduation.
Therefore, the Scheme affords students the opportunity of familiarizing with and being exposed to the needed
practical skills and experiences in handling machinery and equipment that are not readily available in institutions.

Management of Fund's Resources

Revenue generation, managing human and material resources are vital aspects of the Fund's growth and develop-
ment. To achieve the organization's goals and objectives, the Fund has over the years given attention to these
indices. The expenditures were prudently made as per approved budgets while Internal Audit carried out its functions
to ensure that no cost centre was over spent or misappropriated.

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